Domesticating Algae for the 21st Century

Algae lab work

At PlanktOMICS™ we believe that algae can be a powerful agricultural and industrial production platform for the 21st century. Algae are renewable sources of liquid fuels, animal feeds, and bio-based chemicals of many kinds. Domestication of algae through selection, breeding, and genetic engineering can make these algae-derived products cost-competitive with conventional alternatives.

PlanktOMICS™offers life sciences services and technology development to algal biomass producers and public sector research labs. We expand your life science capabilities on short notice and only as needed. We also license our proprietary technologies in the area of microbial pest management and inducible cell adhesion for self-harvest.

PlanktOMICS™ was established in 2012 with support from the Wyoming Business Council, the Wyoming Technology Business Center, and the University of Wyoming School of Business.

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